I have developed my method
and approach over the last several years


Training and experience has brought to a place of understanding the healing power of touch that is all too often missing in modern medicine. Nothing takes the place of listening to both my client and their body. 

I take a look at lifestyle and postural issues that can have an impact of TMJ and address those first before applying neuromucular therapy thechniques to the muscles of your mouth and jaw. Rather than simply treat the immediate symptoms of TMJ, I work to find their causes and help fix those first. Once we zero in on possible causes, it makes the work of alleviating symptoms easier and much more effective over the long term.


TMJ Dysfunction Treatment Sessions


For those suffering from jaw pain, clicking, locking, headaches, and other issues, focused integrative TMJ Dysfunction Therapy around the jaw and related muscles can be a very effective alternative to living with it, pain killers, or corrective surgery.

Single Session - Summer Special $150
Package of 6 Sessions - $810

Video chat consultation is available for people that live outside the Santa Barbara area.
I can help evaluate your situation and offer self-care techniques.
$50.00 for 30 minute consultation. Call to set up a consultation.

Book your appointment by phone or text: (805) 252-8617
Or email: steve@santabarbaraTMJtherapy.com

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